10 Letters from Kitty

About 10 Letters from Kitty

Dear Readers:

According to a report in 2018, 43,200 pets are euthanized per year in Japan.  34,900 of them are cats.  Thanks to many people’s efforts for rescue and adoption, the number of these cats has been decreasing.  However, many cats still die in this manner each year.

We hope you will keep your cats until the last moment of their lives, no matter what the situation is.  This wish brought the creation of 10 Letters from Kitty.  It is a story which takes the shape of notes of love and gratitude from a rescued cat to his owner who kept him throughout his life.  Many readers of the story wanted their children to read it, too, so this picture book has been born.  I hope you will enjoy reading it with your children.

*Profits from publication of this book will be used for rescue efforts. 

Sincerely, Wonder-Nyander

Release Date 2020/08/29
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You can read it for free on the WEB.
Please read it with your child.

The First Letter from Kitty

The Second Letter from Kitty

The Third Letter from Kitty

The Fourth Letter from Kitty

The Fifth Letter from Kitty

The Sixth Letter from Kitty

The Seventh Letter from Kitty

The Eighth Letter from Kitty

The Ninth Letter from Kitty

Kitty’s Last Letter


Introducing 10 Letters from Kitty

10 Letters from Kitty is a heart-warming story presented from a kitty to you.  In it he is rescued, meets a tender owner and spend days with him/her and eventually says good-bye.  We will be very pleased if you could read it to your children so that they will learn the preciousness of little lives.  The book has an inner cover taking the shape of an air mail envelope which says “To _____:” you can use when you give this book as a gift.



Wonder-Nyander Creation Association (organized by Yuji Fujita)

The word “wonder” has meanings such as “to think why” and “to want to know more.”  We took this name hoping people would like to understand cats better, and both cats and their owners will have happy lives together.  We run our work through WEB media with lots of help from creative artists such as writers, illustrators and photographers as well as cat specialists including veterinarians.


English translation:

Wakaba Tasaka and Robert A. Fisher are cat-loving wife and husband who live in Williamsburg, Virginia.  They dedicate this first children’s story English translation to the memory of Ririca (Lyrica) and Erica, who were sister kitties rescued in a small park in Tokyo and flown to the U.S. to live with the couple to “the last moment of their lives.”   Today Wakaba and Robert love and cherish Maya, a tortoise-shell kitty they adopted from a local Humane Society.